School Department Faculty Member Technology/ Research Topic Presentation Open for Technopreneurship Partnership? Technology Introduction Session Sort ascending
SENG CIVL Prof Yui Bun CHAN In-situ hydrogen generation Download PPT Open
SENG CSE Dr Hao CHEN Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging and Analysis Download PPT Open
Other ECE Prof Ling SHI Control and Robotics Open
SENG MAE Prof Hongyu YU Enabling next level interactive experience for metaverse Open
SENG MAE Prof Jinglei YANG Mulitfunctional Super-wetting Nanocoatings Download PPT Open
SENG CBE Prof. Becki Kuang Engineered tail sequences for enhanced protein expression of synthetic mRNA Download PPT Open
SENG ECE Prof. Levent Yobas Rapid High-resolution Size Separation of DNA and Proteins Through a Silicon Microchip Open
SENG CBE Prof Leung Yuk Frank LAM Waste-to-valuable materials Download PPT Open
SENG ISD Prof Mitch LI An integrative system for food 3D printing and multi-level cooking Download PPT Open
SENG MAE Prof. Yanguang ZHOU A Sustainable Evaporative Cooling Coating Download PPT, Video N/A Open